Building A Stellar Business One Employee At A Time


Building A Stellar Business One Employee At A Time


Top businesses that continually lead their industry clearly understand a simple fact:


People are their most vital assets. Every employee plays a key role in the company. In today’s climate, your company cannot afford redundant employees. All businesses are run and operated by people. Each person makes decisions every day based on what that person believes and values. When a person makes better value decisions, it generates better results for the company. A quantum shift begins, one that most other businesses dream about. Now, there’s a way for every company to turn that dream into a reality.


Executives who excel know what their people value. Employees who align their values with their actions make better and more profitable decisions. One way is to ask each person what is important in life. Some will be crystal clear and will be able to tell you, others will have an idea and others still will be uncertain.


Executives who lead know what their people value, the strengths they possess and the roadblocks they experience. Employees want to know what causes their roadblocks and how to eliminate them. Companies can develop their people to make better decisions and commitments that are critical to the success of the business. Helping employees understand themselves better is vital to the success of the employee and the company.


There is a little known science that can help called Axiology. It’s the study of values and judgments. The pioneer and leading authority in Axiology, Dr. Robert S. Hartman spent most of his life studying and teaching human values. Using advanced mathematics and calculus, he developed the “Hartman Value Profile” as a tool to help individuals and organizations know their values with certainty. The value profile provides a way to harness a person’s strengths and talents, and not allow “weaknesses” and blind spots in thinking get in the way.


The result: companies become more successful and of higher service to others. Four of Dr. Hartman’s friends, Abraham Maslow, Albert Ellis, Erich Fromm and Victor Frankl were leading authorities in the field of human understanding. These colleagues agreed that Dr. Hartman’s “scientific” discovery of the three dimensions of value put him in the company of Galileo and Copernicus. In 1973 Dr. Hartman was nominated for a Nobel Prize. The question is, if the Value Profile is so accurate and effective, why haven’t most businesses heard of it? If it can give you so much insight into a person’s talent and ability, why aren’t more companies using it?


Says John Beaton, President of Team Results, Inc., “Companies don’t know about Axiology and the value profile because nobody has told them about it. Axiology is a little known science and the Value Profile an even lesser known tool. It’s our mission to bring Axiology and the profile to individuals and companies throughout North America. Axiology is a major step forward in understanding and developing people.”


BusinessThe Hartman Profile provides insights on how a person’s values can be best utilized at work. Individuals discover their hidden skills and how to tap into them. It provides critical information on where a person’s attention is focused. It pinpoints what they overlook (“blind spots”) and how clearly they see and understand what is going on around them. It goes further; it explains how balanced or biased a person’s thinking is, and how that thinking influences their choices and decisions.


How does this help the Executive create a stellar organization?


By knowing … really KNOWING and not guessing what are the strengths of every employee, and in which areas are the roadblocks. The value profile helps people make better decisions. The Executive will know which employees are best suited to work on which projects. There is less downtime on projects and more cost savings on project and lower stress for everyone.


Executives can use the value profile to better identify, screen and promote the top performers in their business. This tool reveals the best capacities of existing employees, enabling you to build and lead a stellar business. Imagine the effect of releasing the full potential of all your employees by taking advantage of all their strengths, while eliminating most of the roadblocks that stop them? By knowing employee values, the Executive can place people in the best positions where they will thrive and drive the organization to stellar heights.



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