Clean Up In An Office Cleaning Business


Clean Up In An Office Cleaning Business


With the economy still trying to recover, and unemployment still high in many countries, a good solution for many people is to find an easy to operate business.


Most people think of large expenses or a lot of experirnce needed when they think of running a business, but there is a unique business that requires neither one of these. It is starting an office cleaning business.


The office cleaning business is unique in that the job itself requires no experience. Anyone can clean and vacuum. And your only costs will be cleaning supplies and start up marketing costs. And even the marketing costs can be minimal.


To get business, you can start by preparing a simple flyer on your computer, or on a computer at your local copy shop like Kinko’s.


Next, target office complexes where a lot of businesses have their offices all grouped together. Try to get accounts with a bunch of offices in the same building. If you get one and do a good job, get them to write a recommendation for you so that you can take it to other offices in the building to secure more business. In that way, you can have multiple accounts, but have all your work in one place.


businessWhen you start getting more and more business, you can hire workers to do the actual cleaning for you. Pay them a fair wage, and take the difference for yourself. Your job will now be to find more and more accounts. Use those letters of recommendations to help you.


The beauty of the business is at this point, you are adding recurring streams of income, and other people are doing the cleaning. As long as your workers do a good job, you will keep the accounts from the previous month, and keep adding new accounts, which will soon make your monthly income soar.


Who ever thought that cleaning could be so exciting?



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