Four Color Digital Printing: Hassle Free!


Four Color Digital Printing: Hassle Free!


Four color printing provides an accurate, detailed, brilliant reproduction of your originals at a low cost-per-sheet.


Unlike inkjet printers of color photocopies, four color printing can really give your marketing materials a professional and elegant look. A lucid paradigm of four color printing is printed materials such as magazines like Time and National Geographic.


In a larger scale Four color printing is the kind of printing found at “commercial printers”, and not on your local quick-printer shop because most quick printer shops do not bid commercial printers because they are expensive, they are only accepting a very limited number of digital file types, and they can be a hassle to deal with. The good news is that there are now several online printing services that offer commercial printing capabilities.


Giving a closer look at the four color printing process, this is a system where a color image is separated into four different color values by the use of filters and screens it is usually done digitally. As a result a color separation of 4 images will be transferred to printing plates and to be printed on a printing press with the colored inks cyan (blue), magenta (Red), yellow and black, reproduces the original color image. This system of color printing allows for just about any color to be reproduced by combining the different ratios of the four primary colors. Today, this process is widely used and allows you to achieve near-photograph quality in just about any color you can think of.


In order for the four different color printing plates to be created from an original design, which is usually computer generated, they must be separated into the four primary-process colors on four separate pieces of plate-ready film negatives. This is why it is important that when creating documents, the individual converts the RGB image file to CMYK prior to sending it for printing. It should be noted that the four-color process may recreate certain colors a little differently on paper than those that are viewed on a computer monitor.


Now this method is performed by highly digital application, no more worry of the complicated procedures to watch over. Just feed your inputs and presto you will have the finest results you ever dreamed of. This digital printing method is indeed a hassle free procedure. Just as simple as that and you have your printing material right after your very hand!



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