Creating Subscription-Free Newsletters


Creating Subscription-Free Newsletters


All good and bad newsletters or ezines require subscriptions.


Newsletters will ask you for your name and email address before you can receive valuable information from them. You might ask yourself, “Am I too important that someone wants to know my name and email address? Yes, you’re that important as a lead or contact for the newsletter owner, that’s why they’re giving you free for something in return and that’s a little bit of your privacy. Some newsletters will go to the extent of asking a survey-type question or majority will concentrate on your personal information. You know what, majority of people that I “meet” on the internet are like that. They are pleased to let them know you using their username or an alias. I was like that before hiding under username: weblord but now I know better.


So now, you may ask how can I reach these majority who does not want to share their email address or name? The answer is: create subscription-free newsletters. Actually, we’re all doing this since the start of internet and that is our personal homepages or an entire websites. Everyday, users with no faces flood my websites looking for something that I can’t help them with or something that I already have but don’t know how I can send it to them. Provide a page where you can say everything there is to know about your products/services, say it in straightforward sentences.


Another is via article writing, pose a problem and give the solution, usually it’s your services or product that can remedy it. Use .rss (really simple syndication) or .xml (extended markup language) in disseminating your products/services, that way it will end up in thousands of rss or news aggregator already in the computers of your prospects.


NewslettersCreating an ebook and set in iframe or frame the url or web address you want to share to your recipient, have him/her download the ebook from your site. Screensavers can also contain your newsletter. Wallpapers can also contain your newsletter messages.


Sms go straight to their cellphonesl, or much better create a wap site in .wml (wireless markup language) Subscription-free newsletters are a way to increase your newsletter viewership without the need to know the email address of a person where you intend it to be. I, myself, am using desktop alerts – those small programs or applications that can be downloaded on your computer simply fetching syndicated.



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