Dish Network – The Way To See The World


Dish Network
Dish Network – The Way To See The World
Dish Network


Owned by Echo Star Communications Corporation, the Dish network was launched in March, 1996.


Dish network is the fastest-growing digital satellite television service provider in the United States, with a subscriber base of 12 million. They provide various types programming packages, delivering 250 channels with free equipment and installation parts.


Dish network offers 110 foreign-language channels covering 25 different languages, thus connecting people. The best part of a Dish network is its interactive channel. There are over 22 virtual interactive channels that allow viewers at home to shop, play games, and much more. Dish network service allows viewers to restrict inappropriate channels by removing it from the list.


Dish network has a 24 hour customer service, as they care a lot about their customer relationships. Almost all the dish network dealers offer life time warranty for the basic satellite equipment and require no maintenance. A minimal monthly subscription cost is required for enjoying 24 hours a day entertainment. There are special names assigned to the Dish network packages depending on the number of channels that a subscriber can view. Some of the names of the packages are America’s Top 60, America’s Top 120, America’s Top 180, and more.


Dish NetworkSome of the channels that you can view with the help of a Dish network are Animal Planet, BBC America, Bravo, Cinemax, CNN, Comedy Central, CNBC, The Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, ESPN, The Fox Channels, HBO, Hallmark, Sci-Fi Channel, Soapnet, Style, Toon Disney, TV Guide Channel, and much more. You can also view some local channels with the help of a free second dish.


Dish network provides satellite transmitted, high quality audio and video data to various places all over the United States. Almost all the dealers of Dish network provide free DVR and HD receivers. Dish network, catering 24 hours to customer needs, was ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction by J.D Power and Associates Cable/Satellite TV Customer Satisfaction Study. Dish network was also ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction by University of Michigan Business School. Dish network offers 100% digital picture, with theater quality sound and highly acclaimed customer service. It is economical and provides you with the latest equipments like the DVR and HD.



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