Buying Foreclosure in Auction – Great Fortune


Buying Foreclosure in Auction – Great Fortune


Sure you know what’s auction. But do you know by buying foreclosure in auction, you can actually earn up to 100,000USD; or save up to that amount if you are buying a foreclosure home for residential purpose? Of cause, those profits happen with the conditions you have the resources needed.


Buying great foreclosure bargains in auction at local country house isn’t that easy at all. It’s not about how much you afford to pay, it’s about how many info you have and how well you use the info. Thus, do research before stepping in the court house is very important. Find out the true value of a foreclosure home so that you know what your bidding limit is. For example, if the result of your research tells you that a foreclosure home’s market value is 200,000, after deducting the repair cost, let say 20,000, you will still be earning a great amount if you bid at 130,000 after the last and nearest bid of 100,000. Yes, it’s all about business in auction. You got the info, you got the money.


Thus, research the foreclosure home in details. Check the neighborhood of the foreclosure home. Is it near a field? How far is the foreclosure home from town? Is there any factory near by? How’s the piping system? What’re the market current needs? These are factors affecting the market value of a property. And those are why foreclosure listings are growing more important in this buying foreclosure business. Foreclosure listings gather all the necessary info of a foreclosure home. You can always start your foreclosure research from the listings.


To win in auction, you need skills and info. You need to first find out the market value as well as other details of the foreclosure home. Knowing those things help you in setting your bottom line, your bottom line of bidding price. Because to win in auction, it doesn’t mean how less money you spend to get the property, but how big is the difference between your bidding price and the market value of a foreclosure home. Set a bottom line for yourself based on your research.


auctionIf the market value of the foreclosure home is 150,000, your bottom line would be around 130,000. (Lesser down your bottom line a bit from the market value in case of some calculation mistakes or changes of the market.) Stick to your bottom line in auction, because if you exceed your bottom line, you would have to bear unpredictable losses. There is no point to buy a financial burden instead of a bargain at first, isn’t there?


There is no short cut for winning in foreclosure home auction buyingforeclosure. You will need to research and research to gather info as much as possible. Yes, it’s not easy at all to win in foreclosure auction. However, the good news is, it’s not that hard too to win. As long as you have the persistence, you will win. Seeing the fruitful return in foreclosure auction, it’s worthwhile to put in efforts. To know more on foreclosure auction, I suggest you to get a foreclosure book buyingforeclosure as the book can show you more things which a piece of article can’t.



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