10 Ways To Get More Profit From Your E-zine


10 Ways To Get More Profit From Your E-zine


Publishing an e-zine will help you to strengthen your status as an expert in your field and convert more of your visitors into customers.


The following tips will provide you with ways to successfully increase the revenue you get from publishing your own e-zine:


1. Write your own articles.


Writing articles will help you to connect with your readers, share your knowledge, and promote your business through your resource box. If you have an affiliate program, let your subscribers as well as your other affiliates reprint your articles with their affiliate URLs in your resource box. You’ll be able get more of your readers and visitors to join your affiliate program and successfully promote your business.


2. Include testimonials for your products or services within your e-zine.


Your testimonials will increase your readers’ confidence in your product. Include testimonials from your customers and also from other experts in your field.


3. Provide examples of how you’ve helped your clients.


For instance, if you design web sites you could provide examples of the web sites you’ve designed. Your clients will enjoy the free promotion that you give them and you’ll be able to showcase your work.


4. Offer a free ebook as a bonus for subscribing.


Your ebook will help you to successfully promote your business and also help you to effectively promote affiliate programs you’ve joined to your new subscribers.


5. Sell advertising space.


Once your e-zine is of sufficient size, you can rake in more profits by selling ads to your subscribers and visitors.
Offer your readers special limited time offers to get more people to buy advertising for the first time and to get more repeat sales. Also provide testimonials in your e-zine and on your site that share how advertising in your e-zine has paid off for your advertisers.


6. Write a product review.


Your product review will help you to successfully “soft sell” your affiliate program’s product to your subscribers.
Focus your review on how their product will specifically benefit your readers, and share your positive experiences with the product.


Don’t be afraid to point out some minor negative aspects about the product, and keep your review hype free.
You can also write reviews about products you’ve bought that disappointed you. Your subscribers will appreciate your honesty and you’ll be able to increase their trust in you.


7. Swap an ad for your business.


ezineYou’ll be able to get your ad run at no cost in a targeted e-zine in exchange for running that publisher’s ad.
Track your swaps, and then swap your ads for longer runs with publishers whose e-zines gave you an excellent response.


8. Swap a recommendation with another e-zine publisher.


Recommend another publisher’s product in your e-zine in exchange for her recommending your product.
You’ll be able to get more sales than you would from a paid e-zine ad because your product will be endorsed by a trusted source.


9. Use your thank you page to your advantage.


Your thank you page is a great place to offer a special sale, recommend one of your affiliate programs, and include your signature file. In addition, you can get more new subscribers that would be interested in your products by swapping an ad or recommendation for your e-zine on this page.


10. Send out a special solo mailing to your subscribers.


You could announce a special promotion, a new teleclass, or a sale on advertising in your e-zine. Keep your special mailings to one or two a month. Bombarding your readers with emails will decrease the effectiveness of your mailings and cause you to get more unsubscribe requests.



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