Headphone Technology: What to Look For


Headphone Technology: What to Look For


So you just bought a new MP3 player and you’re ready to download some tunes. But what do you do about the low-quality headset that came with your purchase? Nothing is more disappointing than headphones that don’t deliver.


You want gear that’s going to match your investment and offer the best sound possible. Headphones come in a wide variety of models and prices for the music fan that wants the ultimate audio experience. Don’t waste time wondering what you might be missing out on. And don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember, its okay to mix brands. When it comes time to shop for headphones, be sure to consider the following.


Fit: This may seem like common sense, but fit can make a bigger difference than you think in terms of sound quality. Ear bud headphones fit in the ear canal but, because they don’t enclose the entire ear, other sounds can interfere with what you’re listening to. As a result, ear bud users tend to turn up the volume, which can damage the ears! Ear buds also tend to be rather uncomfortable. This type of headphone comes with the very popular iPod.


As an alternative to ear buds, try an enclosed model of headphone, with padding. This type of headphone offers better sound because it usually contains what’s called a dynamic transducer, for maximum audio. Other options besides ear buds include headsets that fit tightly on the head or wrap around the head, DJ-style.


Canal phones are another alternative. These are designed to fit comfortably inside the ear canal and provide better sound, with more isolation and good bass. Canal phones are believed to be more effective and safer than other types of headphones, because they eliminate a great deal of external noise. This means that you don’t have to turn the music up extremely high in order to hear it, which reduces the possibility of hearing loss. The bottom line: try to find headphones that block out external noises, so that you wont have to turn up the volume.


HeadphoneA noise cancellation feature is commonly available on enclosed headphones. You can use this feature if you hear hissing or experience external noise that lessens your listening experience. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is flip a switch. This will decrease background noise, so all you hear is what you want to hear.


Wireless headphones are a great option for people on the go, who don’t want to be bothered with lots of external equipment. Keep in mind that wireless headphones often have a small broadcasting range. Look for a model that offers a good range, so that you can take full of advantage of the wireless factor.



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