The Internet Phone Is All A Buzz Among Technology Buffs


The Internet Phone Is All A Buzz Among Technology Buffs


Years ago, a telephone was dialed manually and it featured a handset that we used to talk to our friends and family.


While that telephone still exists today, the internet phone is changing the way people talk – literally. An internet phone is a process by which voices are routed via the internet for, what is often, considerably less than the cost of a conventional telephone.


An internet phone can process incoming calls, audio and video conferences, etc. In addition, the internet phone can be used anywhere that has the capability of connecting to the internet, including on a vacation. In fact, the internet phone allows individuals to travel worldwide and still be able to make or receive phone calls.


Even with all of it’s benefits and the many advancements of technology, the internet phone does have a few drawbacks. For example, quality challenges are sometimes present as there may be delays or scratches in the connection. While conventional telephones are connected to reliable telephone company lines, internet phone users do not have the same advantage. Power failure does not necessarily affect conventional phones, but where an internet phone uses a modem to connect calls, a power failure could result in the loss of a connection. The only exception may be if the individual has a notebook computer and operates his/her internet phone via battery backup on their computer.


InternetAnother drawback to the use of an internet phone is the difficulty in routing emergency calls. In fact, some locations may result in an impossible connection to an emergency call center. There are plans in place, however, to correct the problem by implementing the technology that would allow successful emergency calls. The security of internet phone calls may also be in question as the majority of calls are not supported by encryption. This makes it easier for anyone to overhear or gain access to the conversation, even without permission or the knowledge of the talking parties.


As the popularity of the internet phone continues to grow, the creators will continue to implement improvements that will keep their customers chatting. When the internet began years ago, nobody could have envisioned a day where faxes, phone calls and mail would be exchanged via the world wide web. Today, all of that has changed. Where there once was only postage fees for mail, e-mail is now free. Where there once was fax paper and toner, there are now ways to deliver faxes directly to an e-mail box. And, where there once was dialing a phone, there is now dialing into an internet connection and video conferencing. As the internet expands with each passing day, the internet phone is sure to grow with it.



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