Engage the Interviewer on a Personal and Business Level


Engage the Interviewer on a Personal and Business Level


In today’s tight job market where hundreds, if not thousands, of applications are received for each position posted, you need to try just about anything to be remembered by the person who interviews you.


You can take some initial steps to be remembered and noticed by creating an outstanding resume and a professional business cover letter. You can also be the epitome of professionalism when your interview is scheduled. However, this is not always enough.


Be friendly and personable


When you finally get to your interview, start looking for areas where you can engage the interviewer on a personal level. Most, if not all people who conduct interviews will talk about a previous position, their family or maybe their hobbies. If you find that they have something in common with you, spend a few minutes talking with them about that.


You can start your conversation with the interviewer by asking if they are having a good day or if they are having a hard time filling the position. Try to connect with the interviewer beyond just answering questions. If they are having a hard day or have been unable to fill the position, commiserate with them and maybe relate a similar story from your past.


If you find that you have a hobby or previous job in common with the interviewer, spend a few minutes talking about that topic and try to relate to the interviewer. Once you have found something in common, you can carry that through any additional interviewers at the same company business. When interviewer number two comes in and you start talking with them, you can say something like, “I was speaking with Mary, the first interviewer, about…”


Don’t bad mouth


The one major thing you want to avoid is bad mouthing a previous employer or any other business. If you start talking with an interviewer and find that you both worked at the same place years ago, refrain from making any derogatory comments about that company or about your supervisors.


If you find that your interviewer talks about one of his company’s business competitors in a derogatory manner, don’t join in. Your goal is to be the epitome of professionalism in the face of any circumstances. It also looks bad to bad mouth any other company when participating in an interview. The interviewers might see you as a negative person who might cause problems even if you are just talking about the local grocery store. You also never know when one of your interviewers might have a family member or spouse working at the place you are bad mouthing.


Remain positive


All in all, when interviewing for a job you must use all of your skills and take advantage of any opportunity to make yourself shine. You should always maintain a positive attitude and be as friendly as possible throughout the interview. You never know when you might be one of the top candidates for a position and the company decides to choose or not choose you based on your personality. Look at your interview as a learning experience where you get the opportunity to make friends; just relax and be yourself.



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