7 Ways Television Influences Your Prospects Behavior, And How To Leverage This Into Money In Your Pockets!


7 Ways Television Influences Your Prospects Behavior, And How To Leverage This Into Money In Your Pockets!


Did you know, that television — the persistent purveyor of pop culture here in America — shapes a LOT of your prospects behavior patterns?


Here, listen to this:


1. The average US home has the TV on for 7 hours and 40 munites a day.


In case you’re wondering, that means by the time a child is 18 years old, they’ve already been exposed to 50,367.6 hours of television!




2. The average amount of television the average American watches, is over 4 hours a day. (that’s 17% of your life, by-the-way)


Likewise, this means the average American has actually watched over 26,280 hours of TV by the time they’re already 18 years old.


3. 50% of all US households have 3 or more TV’s in their house.


4. (And this one was amazing) 45% of all parents say if they have something important to do, they’ll use the TV to occupy their children! (Whatever happened to books, or arts and crafts?)


5. 54% of children between ages 4 and 6 said they’d rather watch TV than spend time with their fathers! (Gosh, I hope my daughter wasn’t participating in that survey…)


6. 40% of all Americans watch TV while they’re eating dinner.


7. And lastly, on average, sadly… parents only spend 38.5 minutes a week having a meaningful conversation with their children.


No doubt then, television is a HUGE part of American life. In some cases, it’s even more important than having a relationship with your children, for goodness sakes.


You’d have to assume from reading through these statistics, that people are planning meal times around what’s on TV… they’re spending a good amount of brain-power trying to make sure “this” show gets taped or recorded at “that” particular time… and they’re probably spending more energy watching David Letterman than making love.
Which is very VERY tragic of course.


TelevisionOne thing TV doesn’t do, is… it doesn’t tax your attention span. You get entertained a little… and then you get some relief in the form of commercials. You hear a little bit about your topic… and then you go and grab some ice cream.


Because of this, if your sales pitch isn’t giving your prospect the same sense of “relief” — either in your story or in your presentation — then your prospect is going to do the same thing you do, when what you’re watching, no longer interests you:


They’re going to grab their remote and click to another channel, which in this case means…


They’re going to toss your sales pitch straight into the garbage can!


And above all else, you certainly DON’T want them to do this, now do you?


So next week, to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I’m going to tell you “5 Ways To Give Your Prospect A Much-Needed Break In Your Sales Copy!”



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