The Look of Modern Business Telephones


The Look of Modern Business Telephones


Modern business telephones have come a long way from where they started, both technologically and aesthetically speaking.


Looking at some of the previous offerings from days gone by, I am reminded that the business world is one of form over function. In other words, business phones are engineered to simply to work reliably and for long periods of time, not to look pretty. Still, there is very little charm, even from a nostalgic point of view, in older business telephone systems. Thankfully, the phones have changed over the last several years.


Business phones are still designed to work and work well, but many manufacturers are beginning to understand that esthetics can be used as a selling point. The modern phones of today have a functionally “smart” look to them, as though they were destined to meet the futuristic expectations placed on them by movies and television shows from the seventies, such as “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. In fact, just about every business phone I’ve encountered lately seems to have had it’s design parameters pulled directly off of Darth Vader’s chest.


BusinessWhile these phones aren’t exactly attractive, they also manage to stay out of the eyesore category, which is somewhat of an improvement. The biggest difference one encounters when comparing new to old business phones is the sheer heft and bulk that the old phones possess. Of course, technology has allowed modern manufacturers to produce phones that are minuscule by the standards of yesterday and the actual size and weight differences are astounding.


It makes one wonder if quality was compromised in the loss of all that size and weight. It wouldn’t surprise me. I know they don’t make desks quite like they used to. I don’t think my desk could hold one of the old style telephones without bowing, which is exactly what happened when I placed a CRT monitor in the middle of it. I suppose that phones, like all products, are susceptible to the old but true adage that they really don’t make them like they used to, which reminds me of another popular saying.


Looks aren’t everything.



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