PLAYING POKER: The Ultimate Small Business Idea


PLAYING POKER: The Ultimate Small Business Idea


The poker boom right now shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who plays poker regularly.


Such television shows like the World Poker Tour, which allowed television viewers to see each player’s hole cards, made the game much more interesting to watch. Ever since Chris Moneymaker (Yes, that’s his real name) broke out on the scene to win $3.5 million in the No Limit Holdem Main Event within the World Series of Poker through a $40 Internet Satellite, every average Joe watching had dreams of making it big in the game of no-limit texas holdem.


Like Chris Moneymaker, everyone has a chance at making it big, but be warned, as a small business idea playing is a tough lifestyle. Most professional poker players agree that playing poker for a living is not an enjoyable experience. You’ll have constant pressure trying to pay your bills, mortgage payments, car payments, and overall, the agony of maintaining your lavish lifestyle. Within the game of poker, you may experience some of the greatest enjoyments, but then again, if you’re not a well-rounded, experienced player, you will find yourself stressed out and disappointed. Playing poker will wear you down physically, emotionally, and mentally.


The fact is, the most famous poker professional’s today are being treated like rockstars – driving the hottest cars, live in the most luxurious mansions, and dine at exquisite restaurants. But, the majority of their income is made through sponsorships and business ventures. Notice all of these professional players are promoting online poker sites – or dozens of books written by a handful of poker pros. They are making millions of dollars off their small business savvy ideas, and they didn’t have to risk it all on poker. As a small business, using poker, particularly texas holdem, you can generate cashflow for yourself without gambling a single dime at a poker table.


Maybe you’re looking for a way to generate a few extra dollars on the weekends. Or maybe you’re looking for that idea that will generate you a six-figure salary. Either way, the amount of money you can create from these online and offline poker-business ventures is up to you. First of all, not only have I put these ideas into motion and created income for myself, I’ve interviewed and asked individuals who are making a living off the “business of poker” rather than “playing poker.”


There are only a handful of people who are playing poker as a small business. There’s no better time than now to take action and make a killing off the business of poker. Besides being a source of financial independence, playing poker as a home based business idea can be a lot of fun. Yes, this is in fact one of the main motivation to start small business around the poker table.



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