Promotional Pens: Writing Your Edge In Business


Promotional Pens: Writing Your Edge In Business


Pens are used by almost everybody, from students, professionals, housewives, company executives and virtually in any type of job.


Therefore making a promotional pen that contains the company logo, a product name, a company design and any marketing idea that a company wants the public to see is definitely effective. It reminds your customer of your company each time the pen is used. Promotional pens could be used as low-cost promo at the point of sale or as a better-quality promo pen a consumer will keep and use everyday. Promotional pens are perfect giveaways for corporate events, launchings, tradeshows, exhibits and other marketing activities.


The business of making promotional pens is very challenging. It should answer the very question a prospective client will ask you. “Why would we choose your company to make promotional pens for us?” or “What makes you different from others who are also into promotional pen business?”


Likewise, if you are part of a company that is looking for potential suppliers of promotional pens, you should be very careful in choosing one.


The goal should always be to develop a promotional pen that will meet or even exceed the client’s expectations.


Here are some tips that draw a line between a promotional pen that brings more profits to a company and a promotional pen that could lose sales for the company.


1. Quality


The promotional pen that you create can make or break a company. When your pen breaks easily and loses ink easily, that reflects the quality of products or services of the company it represents.


The product development of these pens should make use of state-of-the-art technologies. It should have a quality control system that assures that there will be no promotional pen below quality standard that should be delivered to a client.


The quality and quantity of the pen produced always depends on the budget allotted by a client. A supplier should always give the clients the best for what suits their budget.


2. Planning


Making a promotional pen should be carefully planned. This includes precisely knowing what the needs of the clients are and defining a product that meets those needs. You should know the target market of the promotional pens. If these pens are for students, you can make them useful by adding red, blue and black ink buttons in each pen. Are these promotional pens for a company’s sales force? Then, the pen should reflect the company logo, colors and should reflect elegance and class to impress the company’s clients.


There should be constant communication and monitoring throughout the planning process between the company and the client.


Client Needs


Adaptation to constant changes in clients’ needs should be very important. A promotional pen company should continually look for new designs and features that marketing companies are looking for. It should be a never ending process to improve your product.


Product Manufacturing


Workers are a key part of production. Every order is a custom order, therefore the employees should be very much aware of their personal responsibility for product quality and take pride in producing them. There should be constant productivity and quality trainings to maximize the skills of the workers and the potential of the company’s equipments and resources. The morale of workers should be high to reflect high quality products. There should be an effective mode and system of communication between the management and the workers to address various problems of the workers.


Types of products


A potential client will always be impressed if you can offer a wide variety of pens.


Examples of which are:


Ball point pens, Biodegradable Pens, Executive Pens, Fibre Tip Pens, Fineliner Pens, Fisher Space Pens, Fountain Pens, Gel Pens, Laser Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Multi Function Pens, Pen Sets, Pen and Pencil Sets, Pen Refills, Recycled Pens, Retractable Pens, Security Pens, Souvenir Pens, Stationery Pens, Twist Action Pens, and lots more.


Product Improvement


In making custom-made promotional pens, research and development is vital in making a company better than the competitors. There should always be new features, techniques, innovations that you can offer a client. New design, a different color, shape, engraving or even a special type of ink can easily give your company a client’s nod of approval.


Integrity and Professionalism


Two of the most important traits in any business relationship are integrity and professionalism. You should always keep your word to a client and be prompt in their deadlines. Make sure you deliver what they want and when they want it.


The key to marketing your promotional pen business is to make your customer happy and for sure your endeavor will be a success.



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