7 Tips for Successful Postcard Marketing


7 Tips for Successful Postcard Marketing


Simple low-cost postcards have become a valuable business tool for modern marketers. They can produce a surge of traffic to your web site or a flood of high-quality sales leads.


The following 7 tips will help you get the maximum response from postcards at the lowest cost.


Tip 1: Focus on the Mailing List


Make sure your postcards go to prospects likely to be interested in your offer …and who also have a proven history of acting on offers that interest them.


For example, send them to customers of non-competing businesses that sell to your targeted market, subscribers to publications read by prospects in your targeted market or to prospects who previously requested information about products or services similar to those you offer. You can get all of these lists from most mailing list brokers.


Tip 2: Be a Friend


Set up your postcard to look at first glance like a message from a friend instead of like a magazine ad printed on a postcard. It will boost the number of replies you get. A postcard that looks like a friendly message produces a pleasant emotional reaction from readers instead of the harsh emotional reaction most people have to advertising.


Tip 3: Ditch the Sales Pitch


Don’t try to close sales directly from your postcard. You don’t have enough space to provide all the information most prospects need to make a buying decision. Instead, use your postcard to generate sales inquiries. Begin your postcard by briefly stating the major benefit(s) you offer. Then use the remainder of your postcard to motivate readers to get more information from a source where you can close sales …such as at your web site or from a phone number they can call.


Tip 4: Get Right to the Point


Postcards are delivered “ready to read”. Take advantage of this. Get right to the point to capture the reader’s attention immediately. This makes it difficult for prospects to avoid reading your postcard – especially if your entire message is brief and easy to read.


Tip 5: Go First Class


postcardSend your postcards by First Class Mail. It costs only 23 cents in the US if make them at least 3 1/2 by 5 inches but not over 4 1/4 by 6 inches. This gives you all the benefits of First Class Mail for just a few cents more than Standard Mail (“bulk rate mail”) …and it produces a lot more replies.


Tip 6: Watch Your Timing


Send your postcards so they arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. The volume of mail delivered in the US on those days is usually light and your postcards won’t have to compete with a lot of other mail delivered at the same time.
Try to avoid having your postcards delivered on Monday. It’s usually the biggest mail delivery day of the week and a very busy day for most people.


Tip 7: Economize on Designing and Printing


Don’t spend a lot to design and print your postcards. Using an elegant layout with colorful graphics can be expensive and it rarely improves your reply rate – unless you are selling those services. Simple postcards designed to look like a message from a friend can be printed on your own computer for only 1 or 2 cents per card …or you can have a commercial printer do the job for as little as 4 to 7 cents per card.


The next time you want to drive a surge of traffic to your web site or generate a flood of new sales leads – send postcards. And be sure to follow the 7 tips revealed in this article to get the maximum response to your postcards for the lowest cost.



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