Distinguish Your Business Cards From The Usual


Distinguish Your Business Cards From The Usual


What would you feel if you hand a black colored and “menu type” business card? Would you cringe in embarrassment?


Or would you feel proud that you are handing something these people do not see everyday? Have you thought about the power of what an unusual business card design can do?


One of the keys to success in a business is to show your customers and potential customers that you are different and far superior than your competitors. The usual design that companies use in their business cards is black ink on a white colored paper stock. Why not try it the other way around? White ink on black card stock. Sometimes being different is better.


With today’s modern technology, business and company owners can now embed or imprint their contact information on nearly every surface imaginable. Wood, plastic, metal, magnets and glass, just to name a few. If you are more innovative, you can think of other mediums other than the ones mentioned.


So, where would you want your business card to be printed next?


Before deciding on what best to do with your business card, think for a moment and consider some important things first. What is the main purpose of your business card? Granted that it can impress anyone and will give out information about you; will it serve its primary purpose as well? You should know that getting the attention and having your contact details printed on your business cards are just secondary purposes.


The main purpose is to make you memorable and desirable enough for the readers to consider buying what you are offering or trying out the service you are providing. Your designs should initially do that. It should be effective enough to make them not only read what is written but to take actions on it.


If your prospect kept your card, remembers that they have it and uses it later when the need arises, then you got yourself an effective marketing tool. If you haven’t heard from them for the longest time, chances are your cards have been thrown away or stacked among other business cards. Too bad.


There are advantages to printing your business cards the non-traditional way and using non-traditional materials. And it is up to you to think what style will work best for you. Use your creative mind and see how well the results would be. Shift away from ordinary-looking business cards.



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