Communicating Effectively with Your Leads


Communicating Effectively with Your Leads


When you are ready to talk to your network marketing leads you need to be prepared in advance and have a clear understanding of the prospect.


The individuals you talk with will have their own needs, problems, and viewpoints and will be looking to you to address their interests, questions and concerns effectively.


Key to generating interest in your product and motivating a prospect to take action to invest in what you have to offer is to make your own high levels of enthusiasm and motivation for your product apparent. This energy coupled with a sincere interest in understanding their needs and desires will help to build trust and rapport.


Think back to the days when you were first evaluating your product and business opportunity. How were you communicated to? What was the most important issue for you? What drove you to actually invest in the product or move forward with the business opportunity? Perhaps financial freedom is what motivated you; perhaps it was the freedom to live the lifestyle that you choose. Taking a moment now to get back in touch with the thoughts, feelings of excitement, concerns and anxieties that you first experienced. This should give you some insight into what they may be feeling now. If you can help your prospect to understand that these feelings are perfectly natural you will be on your way to gaining their valued trust.


It may also be beneficial to talk to your peers and mentors within your network community. Doing so will help to give you different points-of-view, opinions and feedback. From this research you can enlarge on your picture of what drives and motivate individual prospects.


LeadsBefore you call a lead or prospect directly, be prepared in advance. Gather their name and any other pertinent information, then before you dial the phone be sure you have plenty of time in your schedule and be prepared to talk about your offering and listen to their needs and fears. Have a few testimonials handy, as these can be helpful examples that lend themselves to the lead visualizing themselves in the similar situations. As much as you may like, however, do not focus only on those examples that sound too good to be true, as many people may take them to be just that. Rather, be prepared to interject your own experiences and stories as they will help to build on the sense of trust especially as they relate to your concerns and how they were addressed or overcome.


Be prepared to leave any sales pitch or actual selling until the end of the call or meeting. Seek to educate, interest and motivate your lead first and look for ways to offer solutions to their needs and problems. Show the benefits that your offering can give them and the value of it. Once you have built the desire for your offering, you will be in a better position to make your pitch and close the sale.



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