The New Way of Helping Consumers: Customer Service Call Center


Customer Service
The New Way of Helping Consumers: Customer Service Call Center
Customer Service


Call centers have been the human crossing point for years in several areas including order-taking, catalog sales, post-sale service, and telephone solicitation.


With the booming of e-commerce, call centers are becoming more important since they play roles in organizations without the need for other physical presence or human contact.


Nowadays, customer services have taken many forms. Consumers expect that they will be able to obtain the same quality of services and answers through whatever medium convenient for them; e-mail sending, filling out forms, telephone calls or even through online services.


So, what are the requirements of establishing a customer service call center? To answer that question, exploring the elements, connections, and overall skills involved is necessary.


The Elements of a Customer Service Call Center


customer serviceHaving a good customer service and knowing the elements are not that difficult to determine. In some way, it can also be helpful if one places himself or herself on the consumer standpoint. Elements of a good customer service normally include the requirements for the agent. It does not necessary end with good communication skills but a complete understanding about the product or the service as well.


Aside from those qualities, someone who is able to listen to the consumer’s situation and needs is also necessary. Additionally, the agent should also be empowered and intelligent enough to resolve the situation effectively. But most importantly, the element of a good customer service is someone who can treat a consumer with respect.


The Methods of Connecting With the Consumer


The methods of communication with the consumer can help determine the issue of staffing levels and technology. However, besides the volume of requests for information or calls, it is important to also consider other issues. Such issues may include the difference in time zones between you and the customer, consumers who are using the company’s services or products at some time other than business hours and the total variation in the volume of calls.


Nowadays, customers may also require the staff to be available in a number of ways, such as: on the phone, by fax, by e-mail, by VRU or Voice Response Unit, by interactive ways on the Internet, or even in person. Taking into account all these factors can help in determining the staffing levels and the technology going to be used as a method of customer communication.


The Overall Agent Skills


Basically, agents are required to achieve some sort of exemplary caliber regarding communication skills. Although, agents must also be screened for their writing abilities since there are customer services requiring e-mail responses. Agents should also be proficient in utilizing the equipment. By orienting them about the proper use of several tools in the office, bungling transfers, sending e-mails to wrong addresses and other fumbles can be easily avoided, thus maintaining the company’s credibility. Most importantly, the agents should have the knowledge about the company’s products and services. It may be helpful to provide them with materials that can help them answer the questions from the customers.


Listening and judgment skills are also important. Customer satisfaction is easily the most important goal of any call center. It is critical to train agents who are deeply enthusiastic about their job and are able to provide terrific services.


Customer service is probably the hardest and most challenging aspect of any businesses. By developing the proper system for handling customer service, fortunately, can help the company establish its name on the market.



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