Dxinone: The Business of the Future


Dxinone: The Business of the Future


About four years ago I stumbled upon an Internet Site called Dxgold.


Their premise at the time was “Gold-ebank is a secure gold backed payment transfer system and the gateway to DigotGold and DXSecure accounts.” I saw “Gold” and my eyes lit up! I love the stuff. So I had a read through their site and found I could open an account and invest a minimum of $15 into a Portfolio. As I was really an Internet newbie at the time I didn´t want to risk more than this amount on something I knew nothing about. To cut a long story short, I put in my $15 and tried to figure out what to do.


At that time Dxgold was not very good at communicating how a Portfolio should be run. I logged in every now and then and watched the figures grow. About a year or so later my Portfolio read $257 – but I still couldn´t figure what I should do to access this money business.


Then I read a post in a forum by a guy who had discovered the secret to running a successful Portfolio and making some money with a Dxgold Account. I jumped on the chance to finally learn how to operate my Dxgold account and found that I was in at the beginning of a very exciting journey. Dxgold has come a long way in that time.


Dxgold in now called Dxinone and is gearing up to become a household name. The Dxinone System is going to take the Internet by storm! They totally revamped the Dxsystem in May 2005 to prepare for the introduction of the full Dxinone System.


The DXSystem, and its related services are all division of GDT Inc, a Vanuatu Registered company business. GDT Inc has for over the past 5 years been building an unsurpassed reputation and has been re-writing the rule book when it comes to security, interacting and transacting online.


Dxinone Portfolios generate returns every day. Through the Dxinone Concierge program you can Book a Hotel room and earn a daily bonus on the cost of the package. Register for a DxBusiness account and take advantage of a range of tools designed to help in the day to day running of your business. Use adsXposed to target your ads to a receptive audience. When qualified you can become a Dxmerchant and profit from the exchange of e-currencies.


Future plans of Dxinone include Dxtraveller, Dxseeker, Dxauctions and Dxshopping. As Dxinone ramps up for release to the general Internet there will be new options added. There is also a competition coming up with $1million in prizes at Dxcodehunters.com. Regional offices in major centers across the globe will house local DXSupport teams to provide support via the DXSupport Center, as well as a correspondence collection point for both mail and telecommunication contacts.


As more of the Dxsystem features are released the future for Dxinone Account Holders looks very bright.



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