E-Cheques and Online Commerce


E-Cheques and Online Commerce


Many people are unsure about doing business online, due to the various news reports that they have seen about hackers and identity theft.


In most cases, however, there is nothing to fear from buying and selling products online because of the cutting-edge security features that most online retailers and auction websites employ to keep your financial information safe and secure.


Should you still find yourself a bit hesitant to use the internet for your shopping needs, this article is designed to let you know about some of the features of e-commerce and how it can help you in your daily life.


Online Security


Given that the news media tends to focus only on the negative stories that it receives, it may seem like the internet is an insecure venue for purchases and payments. The truth, however, is that millions of transactions occur over the internet every day and that most instances of the theft of either identity or financial information happen offline or because of e-mail scams. Financial and personal information that is transmitted to an online store is encrypted using advanced security programming, only being decoded by the same program once it reaches the retailer that it was sent to. It would be practically impossible for any information that is sent via an encrypted communication to be either intercepted or decoded by any third party.


Improved Selection


Online stores aren’t limited to the shelf space available or the number of products that they can keep in stock in the back room. Many online retailers will have several different warehouses in various locations, each stocked with a much larger inventory than would be possible to keep on stock in a standard retail store.


This means that you’ll be able to find items online that you would have to search hard to find in a physical store… and there would be no guarantee that it would be in stock if you did find a store that carried it. With online retailers, should a particular item be out of stock then there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to restock it within a few days and then ship it on its way to you.


Ease of Ordering


One advantage of using the internet to shop is that the ordering process is greatly improved over any catalogue system. Instead of having to fill out order forms and attach a separate payment, most online retailers allow you to simply click on the items that you wish to purchase and then process your payment online via a secure shopping cart. This can not only speed up your ability to order the things that you want, but the retailer receives your order faster and is able to process it faster as well.


In many cases, a shipping manifest is created for the retailer to improve the packaging and shipping process so that they can get the items that you’ve ordered on their way to you that much faster.


E-Cheques and Online Payments


Online payments can greatly speed up the process of getting your order from the seller to you. E-cheques process your cheque payment electronically (in much the same manner that modern cheque-reading equipment does), and credit card processing can authorize your purchase in a matter of moments.


Additionally, online payment companies such as PayPal and Amazon.com Payments allow you to use them as an intermediary for the sending and receiving of payments should you not wish to transfer the funds directly from your accounts.



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