Fast Money Making


Fast Money Making


Fast money making sounds like the world of con artists. But what if it wasn’t? I find that fast money making is really a mental state of mind more than anything.


For instance, there’s a Clickbank book called “Emergency Cash Generators”, and I bought it. I read it. And wow – it works! Over 100 fast money making systems – all legitimate and kosher. Like the peephole idea. Go to a new suburb and install a new peephole on the front doors of those shiny new homes. That’s right – fast money making doesn’t need to be underworld. Anyone can do it, you just need to believe it can be done.


Of course, on the web, fast money making is the basis of all the matrix programs, those money programs that don’t really have a product, but you can make money if you get in at the top. In matrix programs, people that don’t join in the first 2 days usually never get paid much. It’s sad, but that’s how most of them work.


When I think of fast money making, I think of the original content guys – those people who have a product launch that fills a niche and satisfies a need. Those guys make a killing in just days. Like Mike Filsaime…at the time of this writing, he’s doing this Butteryfly launch, selling a membership site designed for fast money making, and from what I can see, he pulled in $1.5 million in about 10 days. Not bad!!


So, if you think fast money making doesn’t exist, think again. People are doing it all the time. You just have to be willing to believe it can be done. Then do it.



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