I’m selling my secrets


I’m selling my secrets


Well, not really my secrets, only a business plan that I honed out of constant trial and error that is currently netting me thousands in profit.


I spent the greater part of a month putting together a guide that lists everything that I’ve done from start to now that has mademe such a huge success. We’re not talking a couple of bucks either, we’re talking thousands.


So why would I go ahead and sell that very information that has made me so successful? I’ll tell you why- because I’m betting that not even a 1/3 of the people who buy my guide will ACT on any of that information. Let’s face it, people are in to getting on the newest craze and then jumping off when they feel that it’s not easy enough.


The funny thing is, I’m making it incredibly easy for people to jump in and get started as opposed to what I had to go through in the beginning. When I started, there were maybe a couple of content houses who were the big dogs and then hundreds of individual copywriters selling their goods.


I wanted to be a big dog. So I busted my butt doing just that to become one. I marketed, I spent a lot of money doing so to figure out what worked, what didn’t’ and what I should continue.


I went through a dozen writers or so who told me that they were professional and yet their actions spoke otherwise. When do you stop being their friend and start being their boss. Answer- Right before you hire them on.


So in a nutshell, I’m giving everyone my information on how to succeed in the online selling of website content creation. I’m even showing them my spreadsheets of which I keep my accounting. So am I afraid of competition?


Not at $357. That’s how much it will cost someone to selling my business plan. Do you know why I priced it at that price point? Well, yes, besides wanting to make some good money, I priced this out at a level that will keep the wanna-be’s at home and the real people interested in making money at the front door.


This isn’t some cheapo $1.97 ebook to get passed around. This is a tried and true selling business plan to make a ton of cash- with absolutely no gimmicks or tricks.


So in the short of it all, nope, I’m not afraid. I don’t think anyone is going to run with what I’m giving them. I think they are going to read it, think it’s cool and then sit on it. It’s not an adsense site and it’s not a marketing site. I sell a service to 100’s of webmasters. There’s more than enough business to go around.


I’m just waiting for someone to step up to see if they’re going to challenge me.



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