Integrity In Design – The Plazacorp Promise


Integrity In Design – The Plazacorp Promise


When you manage to provide a condominium for sale every two and a half days (on average) you have the distinction of being one of the best in your field, especially when you consider the teamwork needed to achieve such stellar success.


That is the story of Plazacorp, a company that has been provided 3,000 homes in Toronto in the past twenty years. It takes a mammoth force of specialists from design to construction, engineering to development to make this work.


The personnel at Plazacorp are on a continuous quest to develop new and innovative methods to bring quality and style to their renovations and new developments. While many builders supply a list of upgrades clients can choose from, Plazacorp includes many of those same features as standards in their building practice.


Customers have been impressed with such design features as granite or marble countertops and flooring along with other desired features such as porcelain tile, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. Perhaps that is why Plazacorp customers are often the best source of both repeat business as well as enthusiastic word of mouth advertising.


When you walk into a Plazacorp condominium you will be captivated by the warmth and style that bears the imprint of quality and creativity Plazacorp has been recognized for on so many occasions. It is for these reasons and many more that customers refer to their Plazacorp condominium as ‘home’.


The Greater Toronto Homebuilders Association has acclaimed Plazacorp by nominating them in such prestigious award categories as Best Building Design, Best Suite Design and Best Model Suite.


Should Plazacorp customers need to move they discover one of the best reasons to be a customer is the positive resale value that comes with the Plazacorp reputation.


And Plazacorp’s commitment to the environment is evident when you consider the fact that hundreds of tons of steel have been recycled as part of recent demolition work in their Wet Harbour City edition. Much of the concrete extracted from the demolition effort will be used as crushed concrete in roadbed projects. The West Harbour City project received the “Excellence in Planning Award” for its outstanding commitment to urban design.


Various neighbourhoods are receiving the Plazacorp level of integrity by seeing existing structures brought back to life and unused areas receiving new and inviting structures that are as appealing to look at as they are to live in. Project areas like 900 Mt. Pleasant, Wellington on the Park and Regency Yorkville are turning heads and raising interest in the craftsmanship and beauty of a Plazacorp home.


Plazacorp has proven that their attention to a blending of environmentally sound building practices along with timeless design and sheer elegance is not simply a passing interest in design features and integrity.


Energy efficiency is also a hallmark of a Plazacorp condominium with attention to details such as efficient appliances as well as heating and cooling systems. These design features not only save you money, but requires less energy to operate.


When a choice is made for a Plazacorp condominium you have the assurance of quality, industry honored construction along with the backing of a tremendously talented design and construction team. When the Plazacorp team passes though West Harbour City, 900 Mt. Pleasant, Wellington on the Park, Regency Yorkville or any of their other development sites they remember both the dreams for the future and the fond memories these homes will evoke.


You live in a house for a long time, Plazacorp wants to be sure you have every reason to call one of their condominiums home.



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