Referrals Build Profits: The Best Kind Of Customer Is A Referred Customer


Referrals Build Profits: The Best Kind Of Customer Is A Referred Customer


Supply a topnotch product… let your customers know how advantageous your brand is… and provide exceptional service.


Do that and you’ll encourage customers to willingly send their families, friends, acquaintances, and business associates your way.


There’s no easier sale than the sale made to a “pre-sold” prospect. This kind of favorable condition can only arise as a result of the shared enthusiasm from another delighted buyer. Word-of-mouth advertising generates top quality referrals. As a marketing tool, it simply can’t be beat. Word of mouth promotion cannot be purchased for any amount of money… it can only be earned.


Referrals happen when one friend willingly shares information with another. What makes referrals so effective is that no true friend would recommend a business, service, or product that they didn’t completely approve of themselves.


The foundation for building your business with referrals is a solid product or service — one that not only meets, but exceeds your advertising claims. One way to achieve customer satisfaction is to “under promise” and “over deliver”.


It doesn’t mean you should weaken your advertising materials. Simply focus on providing more for you customers – more than you promise. That’s another formula for success. People are always thrilled to get a little something extra with a purchase they’re already happy about.


Write powerful sales copy that clearly positions your product as the overwhelming favorite. Make a huge promise… and deliver even more.


Treat your customers as the most important component of your business. Customers are vital to your success – even to your very existence. People want to be treated fairly, with respect, and courtesy. The golden rule still applies – treat people the same way you like to be treated. Remember, nobody likes to wait beyond a reasonable amount of time for an order to be filled.


When you get in the habit of delighting customers, you’ll find that people are only too happy to tell others. As word spreads about your product or service, you’re business is propelled to new heights.


Your success in business is predicated on your ability to satisfy customers, and to continuously grow your customer base. In all your communications with customers, you need to encourage them tell others about all the benefits your product or service offers.


Let loyal buyers know that you’re always seeking new customers. Remind readers that you’ve built your business by thoroughly satisfying customers and having those customers tell others in turn.


Ask buyers if they know anyone who would like and could benefit from your catalog. As soon as a name is provided, fire off an information package… and send a thank you note to the customer who fed you the lead. Referrals make it easy to grow your business.


Provide discount cards for new customers. Offer a 10% to 15% discount on their first purchase and then make these available to your existing customers for distribution to others. Give them an extra reason for handing these discount coupons out.


Offer points towards free gifts, free premiums, for each discount coupon redeemed, or simply acknowledge them as a “builder” of your organization, complete with their picture and certificate, proudly displayed for all to see. The best way to get customers to refer others is “in the moment” — when they’re still enamored with your product or your high level of personal service.


While customers are enjoying these positive emotions about your company, that’s the time to ask for a little favor. Ask… “Is there someone else you know, who might want to… grow their business by 37%this year? … get that older car looking showroom-clean? … transform any weed-filled lot into a lush green lawn and garden?


Simply fill in the end of the sentence with the big benefit you’ve just delivered on. Plant the seed of referrals and referrals will come your way.



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