Getting Back Lost Lawn Care Business Customers


Getting Back Lost Lawn Care Business Customers


If you own a lawn or landscape company, you will eventually lose some customers.


Most customers will not even tell you why they are letting you go. At many times this will come as a surprise to you. This can create a bad image of you and your company in the customer’s eyes.And believe me, they have the potential to let many people know.


In my opinion, it can be most damaging when you are maintaining many properties on one street or area. Some of these neighbors have a much stronger bond with each other than with the lawn business owner. If one customer drops you, the others may jump ship also for no reason. Maybe not immediately, but possibly down the road . I have seen and heard about this. It is not that uncommon.


Why customers will “drop” you…


14% Unhandled complaints


9% Competition


9% Relocation


68% No special reason


The 68% usually leave because of lack of attention. Treat all your customers like they are the only one. Many owners have the mentality that lost profits from a lost customer can be replaced by profits from a new customer. That is not the case. A long time customer spends more money overtime. Since you already have the loyalty built up, the long time customer is more apt to purchase additional services, refer friends, and stay with you much longer.


If you try and get a customer back, even if you are unsuccessful, it may keep the unhappy customers from telling a slew of others.


So, swallow your pride. Re-contact your customer and surprise them. They probably wouldn’t have expected you to contact them. Tell them that you miss their business and value their return. Ask them, “What can I do to win back your business?”


If they don’t have any ideas, give them a free lawn cutting or possibly free labor on mulch installation.


Why customers are lost..


1) Intentionally pushed away – Dropped this customer as he is hard to deal with and please or he continues to be late or way behind on his payment to you. You don’t want this type.


2) Unintentionally pushed away – You have let down the customer in one way or another.


3) Pulled away – Competitor offered a better value or service.


4) Bought away – Competitor offered lower prices on the same or similar service.


5) No longer needs – Bought his own mower, moved out of town, or to local apartments.


After talking to a customer in person or over the phone, you’ll know why he left and what he’ll need from you to regain him as a customer. Every situation will be different.


So in summary, why trying to get a lost customer back is beneficial


1) To show you ways to improve your services or communications.


2) Can limit negative word of mouth from an unhappy customer who “dropped” you and can increase positive word from the customers regained.


Don’t look at it as you failed, take the opportunity to learn what you could have done to retain this customer. It will make your business that much better.



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