Finding Easy ways to make money online without going broke!


Finding Easy ways to make money online without going broke!


If you’re like me then you are probably wondering how you can make money a living working from home.



I want to warn you on the dangers involved in starting your own Internet business. If you plan on starting a website then you had better know what you’re doing. Simply creating a website does not mean that you will become rich. If fact, it’s usually the exact opposite. There is a growing trend of people wishing to work for themselves and why not really? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be your own boss, make your own time schedule. Set your own rules? You can do all of these things but just like with any business you must first have a plan. There are so many scams out there that it can really cloud your judgement when it comes to selecting the right tools for the job. Oh and anyone that thinks they can start an Internet business without tools is crazy. Just because your business will be online doesn’t mean that you will get out of making some kind of investment.


The hard part is really deciding which tools you are going to need and which tools you can live without. Obviously you are going to need accounting software. You are going to need a business license and a business checking or savings account. I would shop around before going to your local bank to see if you can get free business checking. You’ll need to watch expenses and this is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about.


You’ll also be needing some other tools for instance, a computer or one! Hey if you’re gonna have an Internet business you better be able to get to it right? You will also need to decide if you are going to build your own website. Now I must issue a word of caution, stay away from cookie cutter sites that build a website for you.


moneyLike I said earlier, simply building a website will not bring traffic to your site. This is were it stops being easy and starts getting very difficult. You’ll have to submit your site to search engines which sounds easy until you understand the rules for how you need to accomplish this. You can’t simply submit a website to a search engine and consider it done. As a matter of fact, you’ll never be done submitting. Most search engines need to be submitted to on a regular basis at least twice a month.


If you aren’t building a website and you have thought of other ways to make money online then good for you! Here are a couple other ways to make money online. You can take surveys online, this can be a decent passion income if you are hooked up with the right company that will show you the ropes. You can try selling on Ebay but remember Ebay may not be right for you because of the added fees and charges you will be required to pay.


Whatever you decide to do I would make sure you look at all of your options. It’s ok to try new things to see if they will work for you. Just be careful and make smart decisions and you will be on your way to a successful business.



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