Paper, Grain and Printing Matters


Paper, Grain and Printing Matters


The direction of the paper’s grain plays a significant role in your printing project.


The proper use of the paper direction will ensure the quality of your printing job. It will also ensure the resilience and artistic side of your project. To bring out the best in your printing job, you must be able to determine which part of the paper is printable and in what direction.


Grain direction comes in two types, the grain long and the short grain. The first type refers to the grain direction of the paper that runs in same direction as the longest border. Short grain, on the other hand, refers to the grain direction of the paper that runs in same direction as the shortest border.


In deciding which grain direction to use, consider the type of printing product. When using full color digital printing, use the grain long direction to reduce stretching of paper during the printing process. It will also augment the visual effect of colors.


Grain direction is also vital when it comes to finishing processes. Printing processes such as scoring and folding need to use the suitable grain direction in order to have a durable product. Scoring and folding paper against the grain will strengthen your printing end products.


Printed items such as business cards, postcards, posters, letterheads, stickers and the likes will be enhanced by printing in the long grain. This is because long grain gives stability. It will preclude them from dripping or buckling.


When it comes to labels, cd/dvd covers, pocket folders and other printed items that use heavy ink coverage, short grain must be used. This is because short grain makes folding and scoring smooth. It also reduces the chance of cracking of the items due to the heavy ink.


Now you know what grain direction redounds to your greatest advantage. Seize the opportunity because that will lead you to having quality printed materials. Believe me, it can make a difference!



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