Direct Deposit Brings Reliability, Safety and Convenience to Banking


Direct Deposit Brings Reliability, Safety and Convenience to Banking


Have you ever rushed to the bank to deposit your paycheck before the cutoff time? Have you ever played “beat the bank” — writing checks before making a deposit?


Have you ever made a trip to the bank just to deposit your paycheck? Have you ever lost checks that needed to be cashed or deposited?


If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to reconsider the way you bank. Banking should be easy and convenient, and it can be with direct deposit. According to America’s Community Bankers, an independent national trade association representing the nation’s community banks, having your paychecks routed to your bank electronically is one of the easiest and safest ways to improve your banking routine.


Direct banking deposit is reliable. Direct deposit puts money in your account on time, every time. And checks don’t get lost. The Social Security Administration has used direct deposit for benefits payments since 1976 and has never lost a payment. And with direct deposit, you don’t have to wait for your checks to catch up with you if you move to a new address.


Direct deposit is convenient. You don’t have to make that special trip to the bank if you have direct deposit. This is a real convenience if you’re on vacation or away on business. And you can be confident that the funds will be credited to your account safely and ready to use, whether you’re at home or halfway around the world.


Direct deposit is quick. With direct deposit, your money is transferred electronically into your account and available to use instantly once the transfer is complete. When you deposit your paycheck in person, you may have to wait up to three days to access all of your funds because some banks put a “check hold” on paychecks to ensure that the funds clear. With direct deposit there’s nothing to “hold” since it’s transmitted electronically directly to your bank account. Your money also begins collecting interest immediately if you have it in an interest-bearing account.


And above all, direct deposit is secure. You don’t have to worry about lost, stolen or misplaced checks with direct deposit. With the electronic trail that direct deposit leaves, deposits are easier to track than paper checks. And if you are one of the many individuals that will be receiving a refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) this coming tax season, direct deposit enables the IRS to deposit your refund up to three weeks earlier than if you were to receive it by mail.



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