IT Consultants: Provide Hardware Selection Services To Your Clients


IT Consultants: Provide Hardware Selection Services To Your Clients


Over the years, as IT consultants, you’ve probably supported thousands of PC hardware configurations.


During this time period, you likely have formulated a strong opinion of what PC hardware specs make for a solid purchase recommendation. However, in order to properly position your professional expertise, it’s important to be able to convey this hardware selection benefit effectively to clients. After all, “everyone” is an expert at buying PCs, right?!? Not!


IT Consultants Can Help Clients Choose Right the First Time


Choosing the right PC specs can save your clients big money on unpredictable installation and support costs.


In a perfect world, all software and hardware vendors claiming compatibility, under a particular operating system or PC environment, would have products that work well together. But, this isn’t a perfect world.


IT Consultants Can Save Their Clients Time and Frustration


You can save your clients considerable time and potential aggravation, and pick up substantial service revenue, by getting actively involved in the selection of various hardware components and software programs that come preinstalled with the purchase of a new PC.


IT Consultants Can Save Their Clients Money with Hardware and Software Solutions


In much the same way that you’ll often find greater overall value by getting more menu items bundled into a complete dinner at a restaurant, rather than a la carte, you’ll find the same thing with computer purchasing.


It often makes small business sense for your clients to purchase various hardware components and upgrades with the purchase of the PC — as opposed to shopping for these hardware components and upgrades a la carte at a later date.


IT Consultants Can Help Determine the Value of The Components


The challenge however is knowing which components and upgrades are “worth” it, which are a waste of money and which are a potential land mine of tech support troubles. That’s where your firm steps in to save the day!



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