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Surveys Matter
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A survey conducted in the United States by Harris Interactive, found that nine out of ten American adults believe that sending text messages or emails while driving is not only dangerous but should be outlawed.


The study, which was conducted by the Mobile messaging service Pinger, Inc., also found that most drivers consider text messaging while driving to be as dangerous as driving drunk.


Even though most respondents thought texting while driving was extremely dangerous. Sixty six percent admitted to reading text messages while driving. Of those 66 percent, 57 percent said they had also sent text messages or emails while operating a car.


The survey also revealed that “64 percent of adults who admitted to sending text messages while driving were between the ages of 18 and 34, while only 6 percent were 55 or older.” As far as who is sending the most text messages while driving. The study showed that “men and women sent text messages while driving at equal rates.”


This study illustrates a very interesting point, about a hot topic. With states like Washington, New York, California and Florida considering legislation on banning texting while driving. There’s no doubt that this study will have an impact on the debate.


I find surveys to be fascinating. They not only tell us about the world around us, but they also can be used as a guide. They open an avenue to peoples thoughts and opinions. It’s hard not to be drawn into an article, once you’ve noticed that it contains a poll or survey. A survey offers a snapshot into the mind of a demographic, race or any other type of group. The information gleaned from these surveys can help in every aspect of life. Politics, charities, religions, and businesses can all benefit from this type of information gathering. Surveys can be crucial in any sphere but the one I want to talk about is the business sphere.


In the business world the need for surveys is clear. Companies should utilizes surveys whether they be online, telephone or written. A company that uses surveys to understand it’s customers is a company that is striving to improve it’s business and it’s bottom line. A well structured and thought out survey or poll, can tell an institution, who is buying there products, what they think of these products and what they would like to see in terms of improvement. On top of that, satisfaction surveys can tell a company what is working and what is not. Many customers will tell you that they felt a sense contentment when they were contacted by a business and asked about they’re experience with that business. It provides the consumer with a mouth piece. With this outlet consumers can not only satisfy themselves, but grant a company a view onto the elusive consumers mindset.


Surveys are not just for consumers. Employee surveys are equally as valuable to a corporation. Knowing the attitudes of your employes can save you money by eliminating disgruntled and underperforming workers. They can also help in product development, team projects, office efficiency and worker disputes.


Happy employees not only work harder, but often times are willing to work at a business that pays less than a competitor. A recent study showed that workers were willing to stay at a job that payed less, if that job was more satisfying then a similar job that paid more. This low worker turnover rate, can be a massive blessing to a business.


Surveys can tell us interesting things about people and places. But they can be even more helpful in telling us who we are selling to, and who we have working for us.



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