10 Reasons To Include Teleseminars In Your 2006 Marketing Plan


10 Reasons To Include Teleseminars In Your 2006 Marketing Plan


Did you put off hosting teleseminars and building your business dramatically this year? Make a resolution to start in 2006 and begin increasing your company’s cash flow.


Here are 10 reasons to put teleseminars into your budget for 2006. Make money. You can make thousands of dollars in registration fees depending on the size of your audience and the topic’s importance. Great Teleseminars Audio Production Studios,  has several clients making six-figure incomes from teleseminars over the course of one year. One recently made $30,000 in one hour by offering the right topic at the right price to the right audience. Beat your competition by improving your image and building your name brand. By conducting teleseminars, you will be perceived as a trusted expert, an innovator and a leader within your field.


Maintain contact with your clients with little time, energy and financial investment. Isn’t it great to offer your clients a seminar so they can learn your latest tactics, techniques and breakthroughs? Some of my clients do teleseminars for free just so they can build rapport and maintain good relationships with clients.


Prospecting. What could be a better way to introduce yourself and your services to prospects than by offering a free teleseminar jam packed with beneficial information that show you at your best? You don’t have to fly anywhereand they don’t have to drive anywhere. Nothing could be simpler or cheaper since you can deliver the same message to many people at one time – and still be personable.


TeleseminarsSlash customer support costs and increase customer loyalty. You can do this easily by offering free teleseminars on how to use your products and services effectively. Create multiple streams of income by creating products for future sales. Every teleseminar can be turned into a CD, MP3 file, transcript and/or e-book to generate extra income. Become newsworthy. Teleseminars give you a reason to post press releases about the topic, the guest and the information learned. Don’t overlook the chance to get your name in print.


Build your list. By offering people on your list a great event, they’ll tell their friends, so you’ll build your database of prospects. Keep your marketing team busy with a project that is easy to do every month. Once you get the mechanics in place, you can do teleseminars every month with ease. Teleseminars are cheaper and easier than webinars by a factor of at least 10 to 1. Check out Great Teleseminars low prices at greatteleseminars or use our conference lines for free for 100 people.


When you offer teleseminars, you make money, build your customer loyalty and grow your business – for a very small investment. Wouldn’t that be a great resolution for the new year?



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