The hottest new advertising craze to hit the Internet – Pixel Ads


The hottest new advertising craze to hit the Internet – Pixel Ads


I generate traffic to my website through traditional channels such as writing articles, submitting to directories, link exchanges, Search Engines, etc.


I also have supplemented this traffic through paid advertising methods such as Pay per Clicks (PPC), paid inclusion, and banner rotations to name a few. I remember a few years ago when I could target a high traffic keyword through the Pay per Click search engines for .01 cents a click. Wow! Those were the days. Now, you’re lucky to get that same keyword for less than a $1.00 a click.


While some of these advertising methods bring decent traffic, most are becoming oversaturated with advertisers, which automatically brings the price up and the effectiveness down.


Recently, I stumbled across another advertising method that is affordable (and sometimes free) that is highly effective. In fact, I’m seeing these sites Alexa rankings shooting from 800,000 to the 1,000’s in less than a months time. The upward trends on the Alexa charts are without a doubt astonishing.


This new type of advertising is called Pixel Advertising. Go to any of these pixel websites and you will see a multitude of small boxes. Each box is usually equal to a 10 x 10 pixel in size. The costs of renting these boxes are ranging from $5.00 a box to $25.00 a box, and some of them are actually free. Simply select the quantity of boxes you want and upload your image.


The “BEST” part of this is that your image will stay on that site for up to 10 YEARS!


The demand for this type of advertising exposure is in high demand and these sites are popping up all over the Internet. My suggestion is to find one of these sites that are just getting started and offering the free or low cost pixel boxes.


Get your image on these sites and sit back and wait approximately a month for the traffic to get going good. As the traffic surges, the free spots will not be available any longer and the cost of the pixel boxes will rise.


You have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain. This type of advertising is sure to get oversaturated and less effective over time, but at the moment, it’s the cheapest most effective advertising method on the Internet today.



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