Quality Service Through Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction
Quality Service Through Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction plays an important role in determining the success of call centers.


This factor is closely related to profitability. Through the use of consumer surveys, marketers are informed about consumer satisfaction regarding the products.


Several surveys helps in predicting consumer behavior,determine how well the product will do in the marketplace and assess the customers’ opinions. While there are entire organizations devoted to market research, there are individual companies that can perform their own market research as well.


The Usual Results of a Consumer Survey


Long reports usually come back to the company that requested the information. These reports can be very detailed and provide conglomerated answers as well as individual responses to questions. As a simpler alternative, short surveys provide a graphical representation of the data. Through such kinds of surveys, it is easier to comprehend and grasp the required information.


There are several reasons why companies conduct consumer surveys though one thing remains the same: the data is of no use unless the company uses it. Some companies analyze their data and do not like the answers, thus neglecting the survey and choose not to do any actions about it. However, there are still others who believe in the consumers’ opinions and use the data to make modifications that will be well-received among customers.


Answers from surveys can reflect the company’s actions- positive answers are equal to the company doing well, therefore enabling the company to continue its practices. Consumer surveys provide wonderful insight regarding consumer opinion. The only thing they cannot do is to provide qualitative data. If the company is looking for more in-depth answers, there is a need to conduct focus groups or personal interviews with customers.


Sampling a Consumer Survey


For the consumer survey to be truly precise, the samples of people asked should be large and random enough. For instance, a readership survey is not truly random since individuals would have to be a reader of a magazine in order to participate in a survey. However, such a survey would have to be accurate enough to measure the opinions of a closed group of reader. As such, the accuracy of the information is relative to the reason meant for it.


Designing a Customer Satisfaction Survey


CustomerIt is unnecessary to act on hunches about how the customer feels. Elimination of guesswork and following of simple recommended principles can help the company know where it stands with them. The following is a list of how to design a Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Use the 5-point satisfaction scale. The use of question scales must include descriptive labels in relation with numbers. Additionally, the top end of the scale should mean that the customers are truly impressed with the service.


Inquire on overall satisfaction at the beginning of the survey. Through the use of this method, the company will be able to gauge the customers’ impressions of the product or service even before they begin judging the specific facets of those relationships.


Be consistent with the wording of the questions. It is critical to provide consistency in researches regarding customer satisfaction.


Maintain focus and shortness in the survey. Always focus on the achieving a read on the customers’ relationship with the company. It is important to avoid the temptation of asking everything that the company wants to know. Remember, the more ground the company tries to cover; the more likely it is for the respondents to abandon the survey.



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