Types Of Catalog


Types Of Catalog


There are many types of business that can benefit by producing a catalog.


Many people are not aware of the benefits of designing some type of catalog for their business and ignore this great way to bring in more business. Almost any company can benefit from designing a catalog.


In this article I will go over some of the different types of catalogs your business can design. Some types of catalog will not apply to your business, but keep reading and think about your business and the type of catalog you could be producing.


The first type of catalog I will talk about is designing a catalog for a wholesale business. This is the most common type of catalog. If you run a wholesale business and are not yet producing a catalog, you are seriously missing the boat.


As a supplier you need to alert your resellers on new items you have to offer, specials on products you are trying to move, and you need to update those you supply with current shipping policies and ordering details. In addition to that, you need new customers. You could be sending your catalog to a lot of businesses that do not yet resell your products.


The next type of catalog is deigned for Retail Business. Again, it’s about attracting new customers and making more money. Obviously, the more customers you have, the more products you sell, the more money you make. You already know that. But are you designing a catalog for your retail business?


If not, you should be. For your existing customers designing a catalog for your retail business can help provide them an easy way to order more product than they do currently. If you obtain a mailing list of potential customers, your well-designed retail catalog will bring you new customers. Designing a catalog for your retail business is the most effective advertising you can do.


Now designing a catalog for your direct mailing business. If you already have a direct-mail marketing program, then you are sitting on a virtual gold mine! You have the list. You are already mailing something to people. Design a catalog for your direct mail business and see how your sales grow in leaps and bounds.


Catalog Design for expensive goods is another type of catalog I want to discuss. Designing a catalog for items like jewelry, furniture, and other high end products is whole category in itself. If you want to design a catalog for a high end product, then you have to design a high end catalog for your products.


Everything, from the images of your products, to the type of paper for your catalog must be considered. If you want to design a catalog that will sell expensive products. The people you will be showing the catalog to expect nothing but the best from your products and if your catalog design is anything but the best they won’t have the confidence to buy from you.


Designing a catalog for lower priced or low-end products. There are many examples of catalogs that are designed to sell lower priced or low-end products. Fingerhut comes to mind. Designing a catalog for products that do not cost a lot does not mean you can design a catalog that no one will want to pick up and browse through.


If you design a catalog that takes your less expensive items and showcases them the way you would while designing a catalog for higher priced items, then people will think the products you see are a bargain. Rich displays for less expensive items is not new in marketing. Think of the velvet bag some liquor products are packaged in even though the liquor itself is not very high priced.


Packaging is everything no matter what type of catalog you want to design. The better the package, the more you will sell. So when designing any type of catalog keep that in mind and you will produce a catalog that people will want to not only pick up and browse through to buy your products, they will also pass it along to others.



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