What Are Prepaid Calling Cards?


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What Are Prepaid Calling Cards?
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What are prepaid calling cards? Prepaid calling cards are telephone minutes which are purchased in advance.


Each prepaid calling cards come with PIN which are being use every time you make a call. But there are also some prepaid calling cards that do not have PIN in it. It is really up to you which one you prefer. Since prepaid calling cards come with different features, services and rates. So you have to give few of your time in order to know the features that several prepaid calling cards that have, so you can choose the one you desire and need.


How to make a call with the use of prepaid calling cards? The dialer will call the toll-free number and enter the access number or PIN before you actually can make the call you intend to. After you dialed the number of the person you are calling, the prepaid countdown begins.


Usually, more people use prepaid calling cards because they ant to lower their home phone bills and to avoid collect calls and high cell phone charges. Yes, prepaid calling cards can make you save money; it can cut your phone bills in half. Most prepaid calling cards come in increments of five, ten and twenty five dollars, so you have some choices to choose from. Prepaid calling cards can be bought any where from thirty minutes to ten hours, it actually depends on the company.


Anyone can purchase prepaid calling card any where, it can be in supermarkets, post offices, electronic stores, discount stores, these are just few of the places where you can buy prepaid calling cards. You can also purchase prepaid calling cards over the internet or through mail order catalogs, local newspapers and television commercials.


Yes, you can find and purchase prepaid calling cards almost any where, but you have to be careful though, it is not because the minutes on the prepaid calling cards are prepaid, it doesn’t mean that they are bargain. You still have to shop around and do simple research to see which prepaid calling card can give you the most minutes for your money.


It doesn’t mean if you bought ten dollar prepaid calling card, you will have ten dollars worth of minutes. You have to be aware that some prepaid calling cards come with surcharges and maintenance fees, or as soon as your prepaid calling card is activated, it is subjected with taxes, service fees and connection fees. With some prepaid calling cards, as soon as you use it with pay phone or hotel, you will be subjected with additional surcharge. You also have to check out the expiration dates, if there is, you have to use your prepaid calling card before that date in order to prevent to lose your money.


Prepaid calling cards are convenient for students and to those who travels a lot. Yes, prepaid calling cards are advantageous, with prepaid calling cards, you can now say goodbye with collect calls. With prepaid calling cards, you can’t go wrong. You can definitely make calls any time and any where, so convenient and can give satisfaction.



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