What Is Rear Projection Television?


What Is Rear Projection Television?


What is rear projection television? The term comes from the fact that the rear projection TV sends the image onto the viewing screen from behind the screen.


When you are in a movie theater, the image in projected onto the front of the screen. That is why the projector is behind the audience in a movie theater. If you are really into television, that the bigger the screen the better, right? If you feel that way about your television viewing, then no doubt you are considering moving up to the big, big televisions that are now available in the market.


While most of the recent interest is on flat screens and LCD screens, improvements in rear projection TV makes this a wise purchase to consider. Advances in the quality of the picture using rear projection TV make this a reasonable and less expensive alternative to the big flat screen televisions.


Advances in the technology of rear projection TV provide a variety of models that have never been available before. Your normal television set probably uses a CRT or cathode ray tube to project the image. Many rear projection TV use the same technology.


These units are quite large though when you increase the screen size very much. There are offsetting picture quality benefits. You may get better blacks and colors, but if the image is not properly aligned, this type and rear projection TV can produce improper color blending.


Another type of rear projection TV is based on a Liquid Crystal Display. However, this is not the same as the LCD used in a flat panel screen. This type of rear projection TV offers many advantages including that the size of the unit is quite small in comparison to the CRT models.


There is high contrast and brightness in the LCD based rear projection TV picture. Some disadvantages also exist. I will not go into the ‘technical’ but sometimes the image looks a little fuzzy, described as trying to watch TV while looking through a screen door.


Perhaps the newest rear projection TV technology is called Digital Light Processing. As the name implies, your television image is digitized and computerized and whatever else high technology does, but you get a great picture quality without some of the disadvantages of the other types. Problems with this type of rear projection TV is that include what is called the ‘rainbow’ effect if you move you eyes quickly from the TV to the surrounding room.


Find a reputable dealer, explain your viewing needs, and look at the different types of rear projection TV yourself. There is no reason not to have the best and biggest viewing experience with all this new technology in the rear projection TV.



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